Friday, May 25, 2012

Blog Blog Blog

Crystal Kirch has inspired me to start a blog about math teaching.  I am currently in the process of flipping my classroom.  I have been using video lessons for instruction for over a year.  Next year, we will extend the flipped classroom model for all Pre-calculus courses at my high school.  I am still deciding whether I should do it for AP Statistics and Geometry.  I am also involved in the process of developing a Geometry textbook for our district.  I am excited about many new ideas in math education.  I hope people will enjoy my posts.


  1. So excited you have started a blog and looking forward to seeing how your Flipped Classroom experience goes. Since we both teach pre-cal (we just call it Math Analysis), I would love to continue to share ideas :)

    1. I am really excited to start sharing/creating precalc ideas. Hopefully, we can create better hands on activities that many teachers can use. When I have more time, I will start creating some lessons to share.